Camping at Leo Carillo (Malibu) August 2006

Our annual camping trip with Neil, Allison, Tyler and Ava was again at Leo Carillo in Malibu. We had Isabella with us and we had a great time as usual. Campsite is pictured to the left, notice the long walk to the beach.
camping camping camping
Isabella, Ava and Tess are soaking up the sun. While the boys are having fun on their boogie boards. Tess and Ava posing after a little bike trip around the camp ground.
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"Tyler, stand still, I am trying to make you look cooler" Toby spiking Tyler's hair. In the evening the kids performed their version of "High school Musical"
camping camping camping
Child Labor????? Tess is put to work after one of the gourmet meals we had. Toby, Isabella, Tess, Donna, Alison, Ava and me took a little hike up the canyon. Look what the ranger had to rescue us from, this gopher snake was next to our cooler.