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January 28th, 2006
"Our 4th and 6th birthday party"

"Toby, mom, Tess and Tyler getting ready for the cake" (Click on picture to see larger version in pop up window.) "Tante Annie with Lexie, Megan and Tess on the bouncer"
party party
"Tyler, Toby, Jack and Max on top of the slide" "Lexie and Tess playing on the slide/bouncer"
party party party
"Carolina, Megan and Lexie are all from Tess' class" "Rachel, Lucy and Tess going down the slide." "Lexie, Megan and Tess with candy from the piņata."
party party party
"Toby hitting the piņata." "Ava and Tess playing late with the gifts." "Tess  hitting the piņata."
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