November 2003

April 2003

On November 21st we revisit the San Diego Wild Animal Park

Toby and Kelsey "We took the kids and Kelsey back to the Wild Animal Park. Everybody had a great time." Tess, Toby and Kelsey
Toby and Kelsey enjoying the train ride  (Click on pictures to enlarge them) Tess, Kelsey and Toby after lunch.
Tess, Toby and Kelsey An Eagle Tess and Daddy
Everybody petting a deer. Check out Tess. An Eagle Daddy and Tess feeding a bird.

Tess and Toby Toby Kelsey
Tess impressed by her big brother. Toby feeding the birg, boy was this cool. Kelsey was afraid the bird would "mess" up her shirt.