Daddy and I traveled back to Norway to see daddy's family and to celebrate Norwegian Independence day (May 17th) together with the Royal family. (Click on thumbnails to enlarge them.)

May 17th parade Bestemor og Bestefar with our dads BESTEFAR
Here is my Uncle Ole, Tante Inger, Isa and me in the parade. Bestemor is taking pictures of ME, while Bestefar is watching  Isa's  and my dad is lifting us up so we can see the parade better. Bestefar is showing me how to wave the Norwegian flag.
Alexander and me BESTEFAR BESTEFAR Isa Martine and me I love Marius
Alexander is showing me how to bounce around. Bestefar is enjoying a sunny afternoon. (they do get sun up there) Bestemor is talking seriously with Bestefar. Isa and I had lots of fun on the slide in their living room. Marius came to the airport in Oslo to see us, he is the best.
Ole and Inger SIRI TOBIAS TOBIAS Watching TV
Tante Inger and Onkel Ole  is relaxing at their home.   I was very happy to see Siri again.  It was great to see my family again...yeah  I had my own little chair to watch TV in the morning, while I practiced waving the flag.