Per and Solveig Nielsen

From Finn's Demark visit , November 2005

The pictures below was taken at Aunt Bitten's Christmas brunch.

Per Per Per
Uncle Per Hanne and Aunt Solveig Uncle Per and Aunt Kirsten.
Nielsen 1996Bitten, Henrik, Per, Isa and Signe (Mom) taken on Per's 75th birthday in Denmark February 18th 1996.
(click on image to enlarge it)
Nielsens 1948 This picture was taken in1948 before Isa immigrated to USA.
From Left: Per, Isa, Henrik, Signe (mom), Bitten & Fini. (Click on image to enlarge it)
Nielsens 1938 Here they are in 1938. Signe: 8 years, Henrik: 4 years, Isa: 11 years, Bitten: 5 years and Fini 7 years old. (click on image to enlarge it)
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