Say hello to Mary Margaret and Jessica

Mary and Jessica

Mary was born on May 5th 1998 or as she says "my birthday is on Cinco de Mayo". Her parents Dan and Suzie are also good friends with my parents...they took a sail boat trip together.
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Mary and me
March 2005
Mary and Toby New Years Eve 2005 at Neil and Allison's house. (click here for more) Girls
Mary and Toby Ava, Jessica and Tess
Mary and Jessica Tess, Mary and Jessica Tess, Toby and Mary Mary and Toby
We visited Dan, Suzie, Mary and Jessica in Palm Desert, March 2005
Mary and me Jessica Mary and me Mary and me
August 2003 August 2003 Nov. 25th 2002 Nov. 25th 2002
With Mary and Suzie Mary and Suzie

"To the right are pictures from a 
visit to Tyler's house"

Mary and me
I'm with two chicks Mary with her mom. Nov. 25th 2002

Mary and me

Mary, me and Kellyn
Mary and me
Mary 7 months

Playing tag at Mary's house, 11/23/01

Playing Mozart,4/13/01 

Mary & me on 11/20/00

Her is Mary 7 months

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