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Say hello to Isa Martine
Isa with her dad

I met my cousin Isa Martine in Norway. We became great friends right away. Every time I see her I just smile and laugh. Hopefully she will come to visit me in LA soon. (click on thumbnails)

on rocking horse
On the rocking horse

on rocking horse
Grandma with Isa and me
I'm with my cousin Isa in Norway May 2001 (below)
holding hands playing together This tall
Isa helping me Playing with cars I'm this tall

Isa holding me
Isa taking good care of me

Isa came to visit me in May 2002 (below)

Cruising Flying Cruising
Cruising around Flying around hanging out

Isa Martine also has her own page, please go and look at it HERE.