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Jack Jack Jack Jack
The next 007 Girls: watch out! Jack is awake One more nap
Jack Tim and Jack Debbie and Son Jack
Food, not finger! Proud Father with Mom Jack Gian
Tim Tim Jack for President
Tim is all worn out Feeling better! High hopes for Jack

Jack is almost 3 months old now. (added  11/9/01)

Jack watching TV

"get out of the way mom, I'm watching football (soccer), and you are blocking the TV" says young Jack West "and could you get me a beer MILK" (like father like son)
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Jack and Tim

Tim is taking Jack down to the pub for his first pint of Guinness.
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January 26th: Jack is 5 months old, and came to meet Tess

Jack, Tim, Debbie and Tess

Tim, Jack and Debbie came to meet Theresa Rose Orvin for the first time. Jack was just a bundle of smiles. Thanks for the beer Tim.
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August 17th 2002: Celebrating Jack's first birthday

Jack walking Opening gifts Eating Official pixs Toby
Jack is walking Opening gifts with mom and grandma Don't bother me, I'm eating cake. Official picture Toby is waiting for Jack to get older

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