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My name is Tobias Trond Orvin
But you can call me Toby
Toby 6 days old I was born on Sunday January 2nd year 2000 at 2:28pm. It sure was a rough day, but when I met my mommy and daddy I forgot all about the hard work. I was 7 pound 5 ounces and 20 inches,Survey I don't know why that matters but everybody asks me those stats.Month to monthIf I must say, I do think I look handsome, so you fathers with young daughters: LOOK OUT.
I hope you enjoy the web pages that  I created, it took nine months of planning, creating and hard work. 
Toby 6 days old
Actually entering it was the first thing I did when I came home. Look around but please understand that I need a little more time to complete Write mesome of the pages. I am tired after making my way in to everybody's life.

Jan. 9th 2000:  Gratulere med dagen Bestemor. Bestemor(Happy birthday Grandma) And you thought that I didn't speak Norwegian. Anyway it is "bestemor's" 70th birthday, and I am very upset that I can't be in her arms today. My dad helped me with the next best thing (click on "bestemor's" picture).

February 16th.........a jigsaw puzzle.
I love to play and you can too if you have Internet Explorer 4.0 or better. Click here to check out the latest picture of me (if you can).

Finally home
Finally home(click)
April 15th.........the Christening.
This was a big day for me. I got christened at the St. Paul the Apostle Catholic Church in Los Angeles by Father Paul. Go here to see picture.  

August 20th 2nd christening
Arriving in Norway, Look here for picture and yet another slide show (from Lofoten). I had my 2nd christening with my Norwegian family. You can find pictures on my photo gallery.

January 2nd 2001....I'm ONE year old:
Finally got time to add some pictures from my FIRST birthday. They are located on my photo gallery. Also see See month to month pictures.