(The Pregnancy)
37 weeks
December 25th (37 weeks+).......almost there..............click on picture to enlarge it. Looking and feeling great........ Piece of cake....What's the big deal......SOON TO FIND OUT.
December 17th: Went for an ultra sound today. Kind of have to be a doctor to understand the pictures, but here they are anyway. 36 weeks and approximately 7 pounds. (4 weeks to go +/-)
September 24th: (5 1/2 months).....everybody is asking:
How pregnant is Donna????
Click on the picture to enlarge it. Doesn't she look great!!! (You too Simba)
5 1/2 months
9/24 Click on picture to enlarge it.
August 12th: I came along this time, and what wonder. Can't wait for he/she to come out.  And by the way, we do not want to know the sex of the baby until....
Picture taken August 12th, the baby is now 17 weeks old.We saw the heart beat and a leg kick.
From the baby book, this is a 17 week old baby, measuring 7 1/2 inches (19,2cm) head to rump.

Below is the first baby picture

baby 7 weeks
Our first baby picture, 7 weeks 5 days old.
Taken June 2nd.
From one of our many baby books,
what he or she supposedly looks like.
Due date is set for january 14th, 2000
Guess what......Donna is pregnant!
 And by the way, this baby is "made in Norway".

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